Management Sales Technology training courses, Dublin Belfast Cork Ireland, Beckinridge
Management Sales Technology training courses, Dublin Belfast Cork Ireland, Beckinridge

Mental Toughness


Mental Toughness has implications for the ability of organizations to perform under pressure and develop a positive approach to change and challenge. Mental Toughness explains in large part how individuals respond differently to the same or similar stressors, pressures, opportunities or challenges, irrespective of the prevailing circumstances.


The Mentally Tough tend to see challenge as an opportunity. They learn from setbacks in order to develop and improve. They will set goals and do what it takes to achieve them using a ‘can do’ attitude and self-belief. By understanding and modelling the traits of the Mentally Tough anyone can learn to adapt their approach in order to be more effective.


Mental Toughness Assessments & Services


An important first step in developing Mental Toughness is to obtain a measurement of where you or your team is now with regard to these capabilities and competencies.


We offer a complete service from Mental Toughness assessment (using the MTQPlus Assessment Tool); feedback and review of the Mental Toughness Report; identification of areas for development; and, if required, the design and delivery of appropriate development programmes.


Our services provide a valuable support for internal initiatives such as management and leadership development, team building, succession planning, organizational effectiveness and performance management.


What the MTQPlus Assessment Tool Measures

  • Challenge (Seeing Challenge as An Opportunity)
  • Confidence (High Levels of Self-Belief)
  • Commitment (Being Able to Stick To The Plan)
  • Control (Believing You Control Your Destiny)

Mental Toughness Training


Our course 'Understanding & Using Mental Toughness’ will provide attendees with:

  • An Understanding of Mental Toughness and its application and impact in the workplace
  • An Action Plan to use or develop their own Mental Toughness

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