Management Sales Technology training courses, Dublin Belfast Cork Ireland, Beckinridge
Management Sales Technology training courses, Dublin Belfast Cork Ireland, Beckinridge

Team Building Services

Outdoor pursuits are a great way to bond teams but not everyone enjoys climbing walls or crossing rivers on a rope!  So if you want an alternative our range of team-building activities will develop communication, cooperation and problem solving in a fun and creative way.

  • 'Team Building with Music' workshop will develop communication and cooperation and is suitable for both musician and non-musician. The workshop provides an opportunity for teams to work together to create their own piece of music.

    Participants do not have to have a musical background to play their part in creating a ‘masterpiece’ that will not only utilise each individuals strengths but can be a real talking point and motivator back at the workplace.

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  • 'Communicating Change Through Music': Are individuals or teams saying they understand the new change strategy but there’s a feeling that they are not all playing
    the same tune?

    Is the heart and soul of the vision getting lost in the complexity of communications, relationships and interpretations? Is there a lack of rhyme or reason? Perhaps everyone needs a way to hear what is actually being felt.

    This facilitated workshop will help individuals express their interpretation of a current change strategy and develop a common group understanding.

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  • 'Laughter Yoga' is a fun way to break down barriers and get people from all levels in an organization or existing teams to gel.  Laughing is a healthy activity and is considered to be a key feature in the social bonding of groups.
    No previous experience is needed nor does anyone have to tell a joke!  The laughter is generated though specific activities led by a Laughter Yoga trained specialist.

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  • 'Yoga for Relaxation' & 'Meditation': If you want your team to relax and enjoy the moment then perhaps consider a session of yoga or meditation.  No need for specialist clothing or equipment as these sessions can take place sitting on a chair.

    Led by trained yoga and meditation teachers they engender a sense of ‘group think’ as everyone explores the deeper aspects of being an individual within a team.

Objectives For All These Workshops:

  • To assist those moving from a non-team environment to being part of a team
  • To help team members who have not worked together get to know each other
  • To enable teams to understand each member's strengths
  • To develop communication, knowledge-sharing and problem-solving capabilities

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